Help me get my free physical card


Hello, i got the offer thati could get revolut card for free. But currently im stuck. I have opened an account for 1 euro, as usual, and then do i need to top up 10 euro for virtual or physical card? Like what do i need to do next?


You need to top-up at least 10 euro. Then you can go to the card order screen and order a standard card with standard delivery for free.


So i need to pay 10 euro for the VIRTUAL card, and then when it’s aprooved, i will be able to order PHYSICAL for free?


Which virtual card? You should not order a virtual one at this point if you want a free physical one.


When i try to order physical one, it says error, try again later, i have enough money in my bank account


Do you already have any card? Virtual or physical.


No, i just made an account, approved the identity, and when i have to pay it says We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again. I’m using VISA debit card


Where does the 1 euro come from you mentioned earlier?


Ok, now when i try to order the card, i get a SMS message with the confirmation code, but in the app it still says We’re sorry, something has gone wrong


A confirmation for what? How much money is in your account now?


Finally i got it. The phone was keep saying that something’s not working, but it worked now