Help me! Can’t access my original account !

Hi there @anon33247966 !

I recently changed my sim and phone number. Now I am on holiday, went to log into my Revolut app to top up ready to use but it didn’t have thumb print log in.
Unfortunately I can’t remember my passcode to get into the app. I click ‘forgotten’ but it wants my matching phone number to send a text verification. I don’t use this number anymore. I can’t access my account so I make a new one with my new current mobile number.
In the app I click link existing card (I have two here with me on holiday, one spare) but with both it says this card cannot be linked. I did not bring my bank card with me as it costs a lot to use and I assumed I would be using my Revolut.
Stressed as it’s got no money on it and I can’t top it up unless someone can help me with what to do!!

Many thanks,


Trying to understand exactly what you have done here:

  • you went on holiday without checking if you could access your :r: account with your new phone.
  • you created a new account whilst on holiday as you couldnt access your old account?
  • you are now trying to link your existing :r: card from your old account to your new account ?
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Yes! Then I got through to someone on app support and they said they deleted my new account and updated my new number to my old account and to log out and log back in with new correct number. It didn’t work as still needed a passcode which I don’t know! Now I can’t get in to either account using either phone number! Can’t even get in to access my account app support chat. Just want to be able to use my existing cards whichever way possible. I need to put money on them.

Do you not now get a message when you click forgot on the passcode screen and enter your number?

I re-installed after Revolut duplicated all my contacts.
I have no phone numbers and I am not 100% sure which one I used, but regardless which one or what I do, all I get it
I have thousands of Euros with them - unfortunately.
There is NO WAY to contact this “BANK”.
This is unacceptable.
I cannot even contact customer support.


HI there,

I have the same issue - I cannot seem to log back into my account. Tried to reset my 4 digit code and its showing me that ‘something went wrong’. Can someone please help?

HI I seem to have the same issue - can someone contact me and help?

This is a user community no Revolut support here.