Help Locked out of account


I have been locked out by Revolut for security reason since lunchtime Thursday 30th November.
No one other than the initial contact has got back to me.
Can some one help.
I do not do twitter or Facebook or any other social networking site.


Maybe @AndreasK or @jessicaszabla can help you, @Fedup :wink:


Hi, Thanks for trying to help,
But how do I make contact with them, I am not on Twitter Etc and when I click on link it takes me to their info page.
I am new to this messaging thing as I am of the older generation!


Hey @Fedup :slight_smile:

Just as you received a notification when I wrote your name after an @, the moment I mentioned them they have also received a notification :wink:
They should be coming to the rescue soon


Hi Juliopp,
Just to let you know finally had my account unblocked Friday morning after 20 hours.
‘Routine Due Diligence’ was the reason!
If it was Routine why not contact the customer direct
by email or phone. I did suggest this to Revolut but I won’t hold my breath. Thanks again for your input.


Thanks for coming back to tell the final result, @Fedup :slight_smile:
Hope this is the time you’re Fedup with :r: (it usually works pretty fine)


Yes I agree jullio, when it works it’s great, However when something
goes wrong it’s very frustrating especially when it’s 20 hours between
communication, Earth To Neptune springs to mind!


Hi @Fedup,

Apologies for the long wait. Please let me know if you need help.


My account has now been unlocked, although the reason given
‘Routine Due Diligence’ is a little confusing as it appears that the account was blocked because I got a refund from a company which is even more confusing.
I can’t see how getting a refund into my account is a security risk.
Maybe a section on ‘reasons why’ certain things happen would be helpful.
I sense something major went wrong on Thursday as a number of people seem to have the same problem and the chat line seem to crash.
Perhaps a general message explaining a particular problem at a particular time would help to ease people’s frustrations.
Thanks for getting back to me.


Been waiting all day for someone to come back to me on my issue which I logged with support first thing this morning, "Request failed: forbidden (403) Was told it has been escalated, communication is poor!


Are you able to reach me via DM?


How do I do that? Theres no option to DM?


Hi AndreasK im also blocked and no help from your chat MD…sent £1000 which you have taken but now blocked me out of my account???


The in app support and terrible…he asked me a question now ignored me?