HELP! Locked out of account in Cambodia with no cash


Today I added a new card onto my Revolut account only to find the account had been blocked. I understand this must be because I have recently added a couple of cards onto it but I am in a desperate situation currently. In order to unlock my account the app wants me to scan my original bank card, unfortunately this card is lost and has been cancelled, which is the reason I was adding a new card onto the app. Because of this I have no way of scanning this card and so I cannot unlock the account. I am in Cambodia and my Revolut card is now my only way of getting cash because of my lost bank card, with it blocked I have no l way of paying for anything. I have tried the support function on the app, it said waiting time is over 20 minutes but I have had no reply in over an hour. Someone please help!

@AndreasK I have read that maybe you can help?


y card too. Stuck at a subway in Tokyo miles away from my hotel without any cash…

Theyre having a technical issue woth processing (see notification when selecting support).

I hope they fix it soon! Been like it for about an hour and half and no reply from customer service


Ah wow that’s awful, thankfully I’m with a couple friends that can lend me money so I’m not in as bad a position. Try tweeting them, they have responded to me on Twitter


Hi @AntBrown

Sure. I can see that your account has been locked for security reasons. Are you able to confirm all the card used for top up in the app?

Please send me a direct message so we can get in touch.


Andreas K.


I’ve had my card blocked for weeks now all my travels have been fucked because nobody is replying to me :sob: are they replying to you ???


Thanks Andreas it is all sorted now