Help is useless


I want to use my Revolut card to store US dollars - i.e. paying in Sterling and convert to US dollars on that day and hold until I spend in the US. The help is very poor and doesn’t tell me how to do this. Perhaps if the Revolut staff spent less time congratulating themselves and more time making the service better it would work.


Hey @joe_clapham :slight_smile:

You can either let the card dynamically convert the currency (case in which you don’t have to do anything at all but paying) or convert it beforehand clicking the Exchange button in the app.


Hey Joe

Its very easy and intuitive to change currency within the app.

Hit the ‘Exchange’ button on your Sterling account and then select USD on the drop down list on the bottom half of the screen. If you are happy with the exchange rate shown hit the red ‘Exchange’ button.

As Juliopp said above you dont have to do this but doing so locks in the exchange rate shown.



  1. Does that mean that the whole balance on the card is converted to the
    new currency?

  2. Does that mean that the card can’t be used for other currencies?

  3. Is this set out somewhere (so that I can stop asking you)?

  4. Why is this so difficult to find out?




Hi there,

Store your money in whatever currency is more convenient for you.
The card will automatically convert the money when you pay, without fees.

For example: I store my money in Euros in Revolut. When I go to London and buy some fish and chips, the card will convert the right amount in pounds, and pay. If I go to Russia, it will do the same with Ruble, and so on; it’s a no brainer.

You should read the FAQ, there are a lot of information there:

The card automatically converts into the local currency at the real exchange rate so you don’t have to worry about it.



I note that you haven’t answered my question and I can’t find an answer in

Having converted all of the money on my card to a particular currency, and
then if I top up the card, does that stay in sterling? How are the two
balances managed on the card? How are transactions debited against these
two amounts?




Hi Joe,

Please keep in mind I’m just a customer, like you :slight_smile: I don’t work for :r:

No, when you pay only the amount required for the payment is converted.

It can: you can hold 26 different currencies in Revolut, and spend in 120 currencies.

The FAQ.

If you top-up, the currency will depend on the card you use for top-up. An american card will send dollars, a French card Euros, a British one will send pounds (generally). So if you top-up 50 euros, it will add 50 to the euro balance, and other balances (GBP, USD, etc) won’t change.

Your card is merely a “link” to your :r: account.
You can keep different balances in different currencies if you wish. For example: 100 USD, 200 EUR, 300 GBP.

When you do a transaction, it will try to take the money in this order:

  • local currency of the merchant. If you’re in Spain, it will try to take Euros.
  • your base currency. This depends on your address in Revolut, if you’re from the UK your base currency is GBP.
  • the largest balance available.

A little example:
I am from the UK (base currency: GBP), I am on holidays in Spain.
I have the following money in Revolut: 30 GBP, 0 EUROS, 500 USD, 10 AUD.

I want to pay for the restaurant: 100 Euros.

  • It will first try and take 100 euros from my EUR account, I have 0 so it won’t work.
  • It will then try and take 100 euros (~88 GBP) from my GBP account, I don’t have enough, so it won’t work.
  • It will then find the largest balance available: USD. It will take 100 euros (~ 125 USD) from it.

After paying, my balances will be:
30 GBP, 0 EUROS, 375 USD, 10 AUD.

All this happens in an instant, and you don’t see the details :slight_smile:

I hope it answers your questions.


You might want to read the FAQs in full to understand how the whole currency exchange thing works. :wink:


And ( To continue…
if no Money in any currency or just a few £€$ it will then take from your Crypto, UNLESS, you put a freeze on your Crypto.


Also, to use crypto the payment has to be > £10 if I remember correctly.


Hi Quentin,
I’m very familiar with using Revolut and Crypto,
I’ve bought thousand with it, My only beef with the app is that damn ‘Exchange’ button.