Help creating an account


Hi, I am trying to create an account but it just keeps taking me around in circles and saying that it will notify me when it is available in the U.K. but it is clearly available here. How can I create my account? Thanks in advance.


Hey @Jessloeb :slight_smile:

I guess it’s referring to a huge demand, making it impossible to accept more users at the current moment. Is this plausible?

Maybe @JessicaZ or @AndreasK can confirm this? :smile:


Hmm maybe but I don’t think so because it says it’ll notify me when it’s launched in my country so I don’t think so :weary:


Whoops, that’s weird! Maybe you mistyped the prefix in the phone number, the country or there’s just a glitch in the app. You’ll have to wait until either @JessicaZ or @AndreasK arrive :wink:


Hi there. Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hello, it is Jess - still trying to create an account but still saying it will notify me when it is launched in the U.K.
Any help will be much appreciated
Thanks in advance


Did you use a UK phone number?


No I didn’t - I haven’t set that up yet. Could that be the issue?


Yes you will need to use an EEA phone number.


Cool. I’ll try again when I get a U.K. number. Thank you!