Help card not working in ATM and need to fix urgently


Please can someone help Im going holiday I’ve topped
Up account few days ago and tried to use card in ATM and wouldn’t let me
Withdraw cash, I’ve used the support on the app. It been waiting 1hr with no response


Hey @Vickaschudasama.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Our support team is receiving a high volume of requests, which is causing a small delay. However, I can see that an agent has responded to your query.


Andreas K.


Just try another ATM. Not every ATM takes :r: Where do you want to withdraw money ? Are you sure that you checked the Security feature of your :r: to withdraw money ?


Hey tried using the NoteMachines two diff ones and both rejected account is ok thou as was checked so strange unless revolut not accepted by note machine, it had the MasterCard symbol thou


Just try a ATM which is by a legit bank. Chase, BoA, etc. some sketchy ATMs won’t take :r:. There is no guarantee of acceptance just because there is a MC sticker on it.
Hope that helps,


p.s. Always choose ATMs approved by MasterCard


I did the ATM was in list but still didn’t work


Check that here : Mastercard ATM locator

What does the :r: app say ?