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Ask Live Agent, I somehow think not.

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I can’t make a new post which is strange! How am I supposed to give feedback? Anyway here it is…

I wanted to get a Spanish friend to sign up for Revolut and sent them the promotional link

However that link directs to a page written in English. As suggested by customer help I changed the language of my phone, and therefore the app, to Spanish in the hope of getting a referral link in Spanish. However it was still in English.

As Revolut is international it would be helpful if, when generating promotional links, the sender could choose the language so that it is appropriate for the recipient.

I’ve ended up sending a non referral standard link of so that they can read about Revolut in their native language

I need help on the matter of verifying my residence in the US. because I am a Canadian citizen. As a student, it is not required for me to have a student visa ( I only need to pay a SEVIS fee. my problem is there seems to be no option for that for verification on the Revolut app. I really want a card in the US and I am seeing good stuff on Revolut, hope you can solve my problem.