Help A Newbie Out Please


So got my card and used it successfully in Spain and Greece this last month. But I have a couple of questions that FAQ didn’t answer nor support.

I’m what situation would you use the exchange function ? So I understand you see a good rate in Revolut and I can exchange the £ in my account to preferred currency … however how would you utilise that exchanged cash ? Thanks for an insight

The £200 or equivalent rate in currency withdrawal limit per month … is that a PCM or an actual month ? i.e. If I was away at the end of May beginning of June can I withdraw on May 29th & again on 1st May ?

Thanks in advance

Exchanging money in the app

Hi! I usually use the exchange feature for getting USD after topping up in EUR or GBP, as there is a fee for directly topping up in USD :slight_smile:
The ATM withdrawal limit resets after a calendar month, so on the 1st of every month


Thanks that’s really good to know re the 1st of the month. Excellent news.

I’m hoping some others will advise re the exchange function… I can see why you would do what you do albeit not an issue for me
Thanks for your help


Actually I thought so too, as the ATM limit was reset each calendar month when I joined, but my free ATM limit now gets reset every 29th of the month (the day I became a Revolut user). Talked to support twice and both times they confirmed Revolut altered its policy and that these limits would be reset on the day a user joined Revolut.


Hi @Sapphire, one could use the FX feature to avoid weekend markups: no exchange, no exchange “fees”. One could also, like with all foreign exchange accounts, try to profit from currency fluctuations. As a form of investment or when you think now is a better rate than it will be when you are actually going to travel sometimes in the future.


Given the limit on ATM usage, the converted currency has more utility when spent via a card transaction, rather chip and pin or contactless.

You can effectively lock in a favourable rate for use later and you can do so up to your top up limit I assume. That way you’re able to accumulate a wallet (although right now that only applies to the three base currencies).


Yes, that is how I would understand it. (But mind that there is a monthly limit for free exchanges.)


Thanks for the replies… so now I’m wondering about the pcm reset date for using an ATM

So if I have it right, if I exchanged some GBP to Euros at a good rate … does the card use that euro balance when I pay using the card as oppose to that days rate ? And/or when I withdrew from an ATM ?


Hey @Sapphire, this is explained in the FAQs. Or search this forum and enjoy some of the old threads to get familiar with the product.

Like this: