Hello! I don-t have Revolut card Code in my bank account statement!

Revolut app ask me verify my top-up card with Revolut card Code, they write that Code i can find on my bank statement at latest top-up.

I check my statement, there NO any Code like is writing in revolut. Is anybody from staff can contact and resolve this problem?? I m waiting from yesterday

Its in the details of the card payment. Have you checked all card payments, including the ones that are still pending?

Yes, i m checking all my bank account statement, no code like that

Did you identify the card payment that is the top-up of your Revolut account?

I don’t know. i was use this card about 5 days in London. (only transfers from revoult to revoult and top up from my bank card) Yesterday i want take cash from this revoult card and the app ask me verifity my account with some Revoult Code with one i can see on my bank account statement.

You have to identify and find the card payment that is the payment with the bank card you used for the top-ups! Maybe you could contact your bank (not Revolut) to help you find this?

But i see on my bank statement all my top ups but not with number whith one is writing in Revoult app

So what does it say then? Besides the amount, what is written on your statement?

And for the question why revoult bank don t have other way to resolve this problem? I have verificative my id card and my bank card. And i contact with my bank there not any code like Revolut me asking

This is the code you need to verify top-up cards! How have you been able to verify your bank card without this code?

This method is not unique to Revolut. Linking cards to PayPal works the same way. It is an easy way to verify that the person in possession of the card is the actual account owner.

I believe the support can verify a card manually for you in case you’re having trouble with this automated system. Have you tried contacting them? Expect long response time, support seems overloaded right now. You could also try to contact them on Twitter/Facebook.