Hello, Card Blocked


Hello, I blocked my card because i put my PIN number wrong 3 times.
I’m in Spain, how can unblock de Card?



Are you talking about the Card PIN or the App PIN? If it is the card PIN, you should be able to unblock it by yourself in the app.


The problem is with de CARD PIN


Seems my idea about unblocking it yourself was wrong. Sorry for that.

I recommend to read the FAQs. Always helpful:

If you enter the wrong PIN for your Revolut card three times, your PIN will block as a security measure. To reactivate your Revolut card PIN, please contact us via the in-app support so we can reset it for you. Once we have reset your PIN, you just need to reactivate it in a modern chip-enabled ATM by withdrawing a small amount of money twice.

To locate a chip-enabled ATM, please use the MasterCard ATM locator here. Just add some information about your location, select the box ‘Chip Reader Enabled’ and search for an ATM.


i red this, but i’m in Spain, there not ATM to do this operation.