Heads up about the Business Trial thingy

Hi all,

recently setup a Trial Business account for, you know, trial purposes, to see how it feels and works, all is good and decent. BUT there’s a heavy dumb caveat - once the free trial period ends, it automatically withdraws the chosen plan amount from your Revolut account - Meaning, they don’t ASK or inform you that the plan is kicking in AND don’t give you the chance to either opt in to continue using the service for the set cost or freeze/delete the account to avoid the billing. Given that the support chat is still hard to reach in time, i think it’s a critical thing to implement in order to avoid miscommunication and reduce stress on both sides.

Hi there @maris-v :wave:

We’re happy you’re enjoying the service! :blush:

All new customers receive a welcome message notifying them the account is active. The message highlights the account features and a short note that the trial period lasts 14 days. We believe it’s easy to calculate! :thinking:

There’s also a date on the business portal itself when the payment is due. You can find it in Settings. Revolut%20for%20Business%20

Unless terminated during the trial, the contract automatically extends for a period of 12 months. We, however, understand how busy our customers are and that they may miss the acceptable date, so we’re always looking into such cases with the customer’s interest in mind.

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