HCE card, contactless payment form mobile app


Hi everybody,
I’m using HCE card issued by my bank, it is pretty cool and has only one disadvantage (it is issued in my local currency).

Payments are possible using mobile application running on phone with Android 4.4+ (with non-rooted), of course phone should have NFC module.

I think HCE payments in Revolut app will be very nice feature especially in next year when in whole European Union (except UK?) roaming fees will be banned.

Nfc - contactless transactions through the app

Yes … Another free german bank is giving it
But that bank is less usefull than RevoluT


Yes please!

Also, I’d like that it will be possible to use the NFC payment through the phone even by ordering only one virtual card. ( why wasting plastic when it is possible to avoid it? :slight_smile: )