Having issues verifying and support doesn't work Help!!!



I have been trying to verify my ID for days but it doesn’t scan and no facility to take a picture. I also can’t send a chat to support as the send button is always greyed out.

Can someone help or advise please.

Thanks :blush:


Awful company. Support will not help you.


@Ctrayler that feature has been broken for months.
please contact support and submit the docs.


Thanks, only issue I have now is the customer service chat facility doesn’t work either. Any ideas?


Hello there.

Just to clarify, the ID verification feature is not broken. However, if the photos provided on the app are not clear and readable then the app cannot verify the account and the users need to contact our support chat.

Regarding the support function, if you’re still having issues please close and re-open the app and try with/without wifi.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.