Having 2 accounts in 1 app



It would be great if I can create another account in addition to my current account and use them at same time on my Revolut app. For example I log-in as normal to my Revolut card where I will see my current account details, then I want “switch” to the other account which has different card.


you are only allowed to have one account per person.


Hi @Nabil,

Yes @FernandoMiguel is correct. Currently we allow one account per person.


Andreas K.


It really would be great to have 2 cards/accounts within the one app. Travellling with my wife and daughter I have to have everything on my phone/account as app wont work on their phone. Have to keep everything sorted in spread sheet. Would be great to have all in one app or have 2 card attached to one app


You can now link a 2nd physical card to the app.