Haven't received salary for more than 5 days!

Dear all,

Last week on July 12, I should have received my salary, which has still not arrived at Revolut. When asked in the chat it was first said that it could last one day, whereupon I meant that it is now already more than five days.

My employer has my local UK Revolut data because I work in UK. My employers sent me a confirmation of the transaction. They also didn’t get the money back because the transaction was denied. They have now put a tracker on the transfer. The money must be somewhere “at Revolut”.

I need the money urgently to pay fees and my rent. That’s my livelihood!

Can you help me out, maybe @anon33247966!

Its really urgent!



Hello, when did your employer execute the transfer? Was it a SEPA or a SWIFT transfer?

Hey it was a CHAPS payment on the 12.07… It was a SWIFt transfer.

OK so nothing to worry about : SWIFT transfer can take up to 5 working days. Since 12 July we had 4 days and if the transfer was filled 12 July afternoon it was executed the day after on July 13, ie 3 days ago.

Also : are you SURE your employer used your Reference Number?

The first one who answered me in the chat said that it takes up to 1 day. Confusing. Well the employer send me screenshots with the data of the transaction. He exactly used the local data from my UK account. The account number and the sort code. Then there was also the name of an organisation called Prepay Technologies LTD and their SWIFT Code. Is it right that my IBAN beginns with GB35PRTC?

Ho so its a local transfer, not a SWIFT one :slight_smile:

Well in this case the money should already be on my account, right? I urgently need it, do you @mirron know whom best to contact, as @anon33247966 didnt answer so far

Did you try Revolut in-app support?

that was a good one. Have you tried the in-app NON support, you meant?

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Hello, the company i work for has sent my payment on 2/12/2020 and i still haven’t received the money!! Please help.