Haven't received money since last Friday, it's normal that takes days for transferring?

Hi! Everyone:))

I made a transfer from my Spanish bank account to Revolut last Friday (29th June). The amount was 100€, according to my Spanish bank, this amount should have arrived in Revolut account yesterday (2nd July). But as far (on Tuesday) I haven’t received nothing, I’d like to when will my Revolut account receive the money? And is that normal that takes days for transferring in EURO zone? (local euro account / SEPA transfer)

I have a trip this Friday, it will be my first time using Revolut for traveling. But seems I’m not be able to receive money(it’s only 100€…), and I don’t know why

To which account did you wire it? The local euro account or the SWIFT account?

Thank for the reply! I used my local euro account:)

When on Friday did you wire it? If it was past the time your bank sends SEPA transfers they probably only executed it yesterday and in that case it either arrives today (I’d say in about an hour) or the latest tomorrow.

If tomorrow it still did not arrive, I’d double check the payment details and if everything checks out contact Revolut’s support with these details.

When on Friday did you wire it?
Around 13 PM last Friday, I’ll keep checking it :frowning:
Is this kind of issue happens often…?

1pm could be still within the time when they wire it the same day, but that fully depends on your bank.

What do you mean by happens often? So far I wouldnt say there is an issue yet. SEPA simply takes a day or two. I wired funds last week and they arrived within a day.

I agree : no issue here, SEPA can takes a few days especially if it was set Friday afternoon after the Bank daily execution time and before a Weekend.