Haven't received card, different answers from support.

Is anyone else having trouble receiving their physical card(s) in the mail?

I am a premium user and my experience has been great thus far until now.

I believe my card number was compromised on the 6th of June so as a preemptive measure I canceled my physical card and had it reissued. Expected delivery was the 9th. Nothing arrived, neither a tracking number. Support said there was a small delay and I should get it early the following week. 12th came and still nothing, neither a tracking number. Support said there was still a delay and by the end of the week it should arrive. 15th came and still absolutely nothing. Support said perhaps today or tomorrow and I should receive tracking information via an SMS. Still nothing.

This evening on my fourth attempt to contact support the agent said they are having issues with adding tracking information but it should be fixed in an upcoming update and advised me to order an additional card after they fixed the problem (although there was no ETA).

I am kind of at a loss on what to do…

Already checked with neighbours, post office, etc.

I need to wait to an unknown date to order a replacement card for the replacement card while I am paying for the premium option which I cannot even use?

Am I the only one that thinks that solution is nuts?

my dad also waited nearly a month… the first one got lost too.(maestro to austria) i think they have problems atm.

My first MC and maestro arrived quite quickly (DE). 3 month later I bought premium. I thought mine got lost because no tracking code was sent and the card was overdue. I contacted support and told them that it is a waste since prolly many people instinctivly reorder. It arrived after 5 or 6 days via express from a German company. (Maybe after my remark the reproduced it. But most likely it was just delayed. MC and maestro before came from the UK I think.)

However, 1 month is too much for premium.

Surprise, surprise the replacement card for the replacement card didn’t show up today as promised by support.

No tracking information, no updates, no sms.

My address has not changed, it is not with the Post Office or neighbours.

So frustrating

i have also ordered a replacement card yesterday that supposed to arrive tomorrow but no tracking no yet in the app. reading above i am wondering if i am getting the card beforenext week…

I would have used another in second attempt. Office, maybe.

I can’t try that any longer as I am waiting for both cards to arrive to my home address. I am hesitant to cancel the first order as if it does end up showing up I will have to start the entire waiting process over again. :confounded:

It doesn’t make sense that there is a problem with the postal service as I receive mail to this address every day and Revolut sent two cards last year to this same address.

It is irritating that support continues to tell me “to wait a few days” or “it should post this week” and nothing happens.

I have ordered a card several times. I haven’t received my first card yet. I have even attempted reinstalling the app and paying for shipment. It has still not yet arrived. Is there a support member that can assist with re-ordering a card?

I ordered cards 3 times in Canada and have never received anything, and don’t know how to give feedback.