Have you used Revolut Shopper?

Hi Everyone! :wave: Charlie here, from Revolut!

We are looking to chat to people who have used Revolut Shopper before. We want to understand your experiences, good and bad.

If you would like to spend 10 mins of your time chatting to someone at Revolut about your experiences with Shopper, please use this form to register your interest.

Look forward to chatting to some of you!!

Yes, I’ve used it a couple of times, and I love it. It works well. Really nice idea.
It would be great if you could port it to Safari as well. I use Windows and Chrome at work, but my personal computer is a Mac. I’d love to have Shopper there, too.

I can’t open the form linked above. It says I don’t have permission to.

It should be made into a “Safari Extension” like “Honey”, seems like a no brainer to embed it into mobile browsers.

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Sorry @VladSoare the link should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Yup. It worked. :+1: