Have a question to ask not sure if this is the right place to do it?

I am going on a Cruise to Italy, Croatia & Greece. Can I use my card in all those places to pay for services? Also Can I use the cashpoints in this places to get some cash?

Hi @Yousefian3,

Welcome to our community. Of course you can ask!

Yes that’s correct. You can use your Revolut card in all those places! Our card supports HRK and Euro. Top Up your account and then your card will auto convert your balance to the local currency you’re spending in at the best rate.

You can use your Revolut card for in stores as well for withdrawing cash from ATMs.

Withdrawing cash from an ATM with your Revolut multi-currency card is free for £500 (or equivalent) each calendar month after which there is a 2% charge.

Thanks, very useful answer @anon33247966. I have a follow up: do I need to set up an account in the currency where I’m going to be spending? Conversely, if I have accounts in several currencies, which one is charged for expenses on the card? I’ve tried to find information on this on the website but have not succeeded. It’s probably there but I haven’t found it. Thanks!

Hi Darribas
You dont need to set up an account for each currency but there may be a benefit to do so. Revolut will convert the currency back to your GBP holding on the card at the then current rate at time of transaction. However, if the transaction takes place at a weekend Rev apply a markup which effectively reduces the rate you will get. If you are going to be spending at weekends it may benefit you to convert the money during the week and hold it in a curency account on the card for the country you are going to be spending in. In effect you are buying the currency at at a known rate rather than suffering fro the weekend markup.

Regarding your second question, have look here