Have $10,000 in my account premium no one answers


I have a premium account. I demand immediately that support answers to my questions. There’s no phone number to call. Who’s the entity REVOLUT reports to in the U.K? This is a very serious matter. I had accounts in many countries, never seen this before. Be AWARE!


I’m out of my country visiting my family for Christmas. Did not bring other cards, I cannot pay the plane ticket to go back which the card I used for the trip. I am contacting the police in the UK. This is outrageous.


Hey @alexc :slight_smile:

It indeed is. Have you tried contacting :r: through Twitter or Facebook and urging them to get back to you ASAP?
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp
:blue_book: https://facebook.com/Revolutapp


Thanks for trying to help. I reported the situation to ActionFraud https://actionfraud.police.uk/ and to the Financial Conduct Authority https://www.fca.org.uk/
It helped in a few hours to unblock the account, waiting now to get the money


Hey @alexc :slight_smile:

Im glad :smiley:

Guess you got the same outcome as basically anyone else did but with “ActionFraud” and the FCA in between, which is fine, but probably none of them (especially the FCA) will do anything if you didn’t raise an official complaint with :r:, waited for an answer and then found it not acceptable. However, I’m a layman in normative :wink:


I disagree ActionFraud was quite helpful. The case follows to the court which is what every client should do. A newspaper can be interested in as well. If you don’t move you don’t get anything. Make a search on Google to find out the horrendous stories of people deceived. I should have closed the account in the first week when they could not give me a simple statement which is mandatory to every institution.


Today there was a message in the app NO ATM transactions for most clients. If FCA approved this SCAM they have to be responsible for it. No email, no phone, no statements, no support. You’re in the dark hoping. I was a bling fool yes.


Hey @alexc :slight_smile:

You can get statements at any given time clicking the accounts button, in the top-left corner of the app, and swiping any of the balances. A blue button should come up, where you’ll be able to select From and To dates. Then, a statement will be issued instantly.

Additionally, most of the active users in the forum have been able to find horrendous stories without leaving the forum that were, in 99% of the cases, solved. I agree the support method is not professional but I frankly doubt a court will do anything here (again, I’m a layman), or that a newspaper would care about a challenger bank applying the KYC directives :frowning:


I dont think you can find a single thing on the internet that does not have a single negative comment. Banks and fintechs (all of them) are no exception.


They care, they are preparing for the IPO and I know very well where the Russian CEO is coming from. He started learning about scams at Lehman Brothers


Really appreciate the help but as lawyers say, also the opinion of any common mortal, that’s not a statement, it is just a receipt of a transaction you are referring to. A statement by definition is a completely different document.


That might be true as it is true the fact that most paid huge fines for fraud. I am in that business therefore I know the amounts paid by banks for defrauding customers.