HATE, HATE, HATE new layout on app


Feedback for designers: Logged on to Revolut today in about a month. Used to love that all my currency accounts were on the home page at the top and I could see balances and exchange straight away. Not anymore. Resident currency/account on home page and I have to go to More/profile/account details before I can see my other account. This is tedious. When you are in places with limited wifi this is a ridiculous delay. This takes away the convenience of Revolut. I travel to Ireland a lot and now I can’t see how many euros I have without a big rigmarole. I might as well just be using my normal bank. Can you please change it back? Can you please show all the accounts on the home page again? Reluctant to use your app/service now. Very, very disappointed. If there is a way to customise the app to service the customer, I’m all ears.
From Fuming in London

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Hi Bannerbabe, I think you can still access all the currencies etc on the homepage. Can you see currency at the top? If so, then you can swipe right/left to cycle through your accounts.

Hope this helps out.



You can still swipe through the wallets. The area for this is smaller, but it still works. And in addition to that, you can now access a new page with all account/currency related actions that wasn’t there before by tapping on a balance.

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