Has the BIC/SWIFT field really be required?


Here in Latvia when we do IBAN transfers nobody enters that code. Also it’s not common to be included when we share our account details with others (it’s ok to tell only first and last name or company title and IBAN), so you have to google that damn code for each bank.

Stop asking for BIC/SWIFT for EU IBANs

In Poland, when you want to send money locally (not abroad) IBAN is enough too. But remember that using revolut you are sending money via UK company system- it means- abroad :sunglasses:- so BIC/ SWIFT is needed.


For the SEPA area the IBAN generally is sufficient.


When I don transfer form my casual bank to Revolut’s IBAN, I don’t enter that BIC/SWIFT either, it’s being filled automatically.


Ok, that’s the difference between Latvian and Polish banks too…


This really IS annoying. Just stumbled upon an eBay payment which I could not pay with revolut because eBay simply does not show the BIC of the recipient - as it is NOT needed when given the IBAN account number for a SEPA transfer.
So PLEASE revolut - stop it with the mandatory BIC/SWIFT field!!!
Cheers, raimerik

And PLEASE bother enough with your community by giving us ANY feedback on this issue!


@raimerik You can use an online “calculator” to get the BIC of a SEPA IBAN.



+1 Please make the BIC field optional. Like almost every other bank in the EU…