Harder, BETA, Faster, Stronger: Help us build a radically better Revolut App! 📲

I would like to test iOS app.

Thank you

Is this still active?

I would like to volunteer for the iOS beta version if possible.

I am also interested in beta testing of Revolut on iOS. I would love to help if this offer is still active.

I am in :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3::call_me_hand:t3:. It is also best for iOS beta users

I’d like to share my experience, as my problem was resolved immediately when my post got approved. Great can do mentality!

The story:
I used to have an account in the Netherlands. However I have moved to Singapore and was waiting for Revolut to launch in Singapore. I’d been on the waiting list for a few months now.

Today finally I received an email that it has launched and I can start using it as Beta. However, because I already had an account through NL, I couldn’t verify my email address. So I contacted a live agent in the app. She mistakenly added my Singapore phone number to my Dutch account and terminated my Singapore Revolut account!

So then I contacted a live agent again through the app, a different agent so had to explain everything again. No problem he said, he would terminate the Dutch account, and then I could sign up again in Singapore.

However when signing up again, I could not use my email address, giving me a message that it is already in use. So I signed up using a different email address, which resulted in me ending up all the way at the end of the queue (8000+ in front still) and NO access to my account!

Since I can only reach out through the app, leaving me with no option whatsoever to contact Revolut support.

So that’s when I ended up here, hoping this community provided a last resort to open up my account again. And it did: through this community AndreasK was able to help me immediately and solved the issue. Thanks guys! I guess the only feedback I would have is: it would be great if Revolut support was easier to reach, especially when you can’t log into your account. But otherwise good job and thanks for taking care of your customers!


hey everyone, Anyone else got problem with no showing keyboard in latest beta release?

It isn’t proper place to ask for it… But… 6.9.239 on Android is ok

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I totally agree with this part: “It would be great if Revolut support was easier to reach, especially when you can’t log into your account”. I believe this is something important to work out. Even a simple single mail form to contact Revolut Support from the website.

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Yes, no keyboard each time you open the app from “warm” (had been opened previously).
Temp fix: Force kill the app and re-open. Keyboard will work until you switch to another app and come back…

Yes keyboard issue is here too…

The Betas of iOs have been available for weeks already, and the bug was already there.

Any way I can enter the beta? I tried filling the form but it’s been a while and I didn’t get any response :slightly_frowning_face:

The keyboard doesn’t pop up as well, but only in ask community. In chat works.

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