Happy customers out there?


I would very much like to know what the actual numbers on this are.


You need to quote my whole sentence :

99% of the time there are no lost transfer but customers that do not put reference number correctly OR do a transfer to a closed account OR use :r: to fund an account when it’s clearly indicated that :r: is not accepted by counterpart.

Just check this forum : everytime there is a “lost transfer” it’s because of this :slight_smile: not because of :r: fault !


the transfer was going through chains of verification


I am not confident that your sampling on this is correct. Do you have numbers you can share?


I am not working for :r: so I don’t have numbers.

What I can say is that over the past 2 months each time a customer complained about a “lost transfer” on this forum, every time it was not lost and due to a customer issue.


Or: XYZ sent me money but it never arrived!!!



apart from the one 2 weeks ago that killed off any faith i had in :r:


That was annoying for many. I read it early in here and didn’t use my cards in those 2 days. However, a payment processor failed and many (or all) UK-issued cards were failing, or didn’t they? A blog post follows:

Some weeks before before there were a shit load of angry posts and what was the reason? VISA had a massive outage all over Europe. :man_shrugging:t3:

@joaobeltrao, just keep 1-2 accounts with other banks, to be very sure. This is a general advice when people in this community go crazy because their account is blocked or a payment was declined an they just moved all their money to :r:


It wasnt the initial outage that was the issue. these things happen and i can live with that. i always carry alternative methods of payment. it was the lack of support following that killed it.

I was on holiday at the time with my family who all use :r: . Due to the outage several of us then had payments pending on our accounts which tied up our funds.
These pending payments took an inordinate length of time to disappear and support was totally unresponsive about the issue. nothing but a generic message saying payments would be returned and should take 3 days. it actually took 6 days.

6 days out of a 10 day holiday with a percentage of funds tied up and no human support to offer even the most basic reassurance to us as customers was inexcusable.

my mastercard credit card failed on holiday and the pending payment was cancelled within 30 minutes. :r: took over 6 days.
why such a massive difference.


Personally, I’ve not noticed that, no reply for 3 days in the chat, my account is blocked and I’ve got no one to rescue me in this frustrating situation.


Well I think this is like it is with LTE. There are only 2-3 providers but 15+ companies selling it. The owner offers his clients 150Mbit LTE for 40€, the other companies offer 20Mbit LTE for 20€ which they bought from the company owning the network and in case there is a problem occuring the owner of the network prioritizes his needs/clients. But this is only what I am thinking. As a Premium :r: I never waited long for a humon support. As a service who offers free accounts I guess :r: might not buy Premium support at networks/payment processors.


How could you have triggered the blockage?


I have no idea, they should explain it to me. Maybe I tried to add a new recipient (my brother). This was the last think I did.


Regardless of any reasons why transfers go wrong, regardless if it is Revolut’s fault or the customer’s fault - it makes no effing difference. ANY financial institution must have sufficient staff and efficient resources to address problems and help customers.
Only because XYZ sends by mistake funds to a closed account, does that give Revolut the right to hold the funds indefinitely in their omnibus account - yes?
Only because XYZ sends by mistake funds to a recipient who does not accept Revolut payments and returns them, does that give Revolut the right to hold the funds - indefinitely - yes? Really?
When humans are involved, mistakes are being made. Plain and simple.
And ANY financial instiutiton must be able to allocate funds in a timely fashion and return them to their legitimate owner - and not hold them for months. MONTHS.


From what we know, no funds were hold indefinitely… so :r: is doing its best to fix other’s issues and it seems to work :slightly_smiling_face: maybe not as quick as some would like.

When you make a mistake you can ask for help ( and :r: have to provide it, and they did it ) but I think it’s unwelcome to demande immediate reconciliation.


Well I am not too happy!
How are you suppose to contact anybody in Revolut?
I cant start new topics on this forum to raise my issue (a lot of money is essentially missing) and the bot on the app help tells me that an agent will contact me in what will be passed midnight where I live!


Why would you not be able to start a new topic?
I like to recommend to first write what problem is and then type live agent. Also, it doesn’t matter if she/he comes back to you after midnight. You can answer when you’re up again.

Where do you live though, @Lollipop?


Hey @Laurenz_L thanks for your response!

I am unsure why I cant start a new topic.

I joined the forum last Thursday and typed up a new topic and when I submitted it, it didn’t post.
I think a pop-up may have briefly appeared stating the post was under review but it still hasn’t been posted to the forum and subsequent visits to my profile do not show any update or even any record/status of that attempted posting.
So I was just in the dark if it was even received.

Given that I assumed that initial new topic posting was lost, I attempted to start a topic again. This time when I posted a notification popped up saying that I now have two new topic posting under review so, in spite of no record or correspondence from whoever administrates this Revolt forum I at least know that my topic post is sitting in cyberspace waiting to be posted to the forum! Why its taking three /four days to be posted is anyone’s guess!

Regarding responding to app:
A Live chat on other Apps can be ended once that App is closed on the users device. There is just such a lack of communication fro Revoult I wasn’t sure if that was the case in this instance.
An agent has replied stating that my query has been escalated but again that correspondence is dead and I’m completely in the dark regarding when or via which line of communication I will be contacted.

I could accept this poor level of customer care/engagement if the sum of money involved was a couple of hundred pounds but I have a £10k transaction so you can appreciated I’m getting concerned and frustrated.

Lesson learned I suppose, only transact via Revolut an amount that you are willing/able to be without for some unknown duration.


Ok. With that amount of money you surely need an account that is fully active/verifyed.

There are many ways to trigger security measures in :r: … often related to unclear money flows and identity. Did you proof them that the money is coming from a legally correct source? Are you citizen of a EEA country? Is your ID clearly verifyed?

Forum: Did you read the FAQs?


Nice topic!

If you’re not too much of a malcontent, it’s very hard not to be happy with this amazing, innovative service!

Despite all the formal and technical glitches I tend to tediously notice and (some of them) point out, this truly is a revolutionary product and approach to banking, money transfer, foreign spending etc.

After all, with all its drawbacks, pitfalls and catches, you do have access to interbank exchange rates and free transfers. On your phone, with a ultra-modern and beautifully designed application. This is massive!

To give you some down-to-earth detals and justification:

  • Total of 6 weeks of foreign travel covered pretty much exclusively by Revolut card payments, no technical issues AT ALL. Hundreds of transactions in total.
  • Paying my EUR mortage (in Poland) and using Revolut to exchange money on a monthly basis. No issues with top-ups or transfers. Even if there were any, I guess support would figure them out sooner or later.
  • @AndreasK community and technical support- overall, very helpful people. Support’s not as bad as you would think judging by reading this community wall, but of course, they won’t react or write back instantly.

Now, some objective downfalls or Revolut:

  • Still a pre-paid card, which is a non- issue most of the time, but potentially can lack some functonality a debit card has- plane payments, automatic gas stations, some toll booths etc. I haven’t experienced this personally though.
  • Unpredictable exchange rate markup on weekends- sorry Andreas, I will still mention this, even though I haven’t noticed this issue since we last spoke
  • And in general, exchange rate far from optimal in less popular/“liquid” currencies many many people report here. It can potentially make it just unreasonable to use Revolut for such currencies.