Happy customers out there?


Just signed up to Revolut and I’m looking for satisfied customer stories.
I know that most people only post on forums when they have a problem, so I’m looking for “the other side of the story”


Hey @joaobeltrao :slight_smile:

Happy customer here.
30.000€ spent with my :r: card since I joined and no problems except long waiting support times. There used to be card outages but they’re gone for good it seems, and the only time I had to file a formal complaint it was solved magnificently.

Overall, I really believe you’ll be pleased with :r: and, in case you’re not, the only thing to lose is the time spent trying it (but, I do really believe you’ll like it :wink: )

BTW: if anyone’s reading this, I’m away from the community because I am finishing my uni degree :smile:


Very Happy.

I still use Transferwise for some overseas transfers where Revolut does not yet provide the transfer service UK outbound, but other than that they get 8/10. (always room for betterment lol).

I’m off to the far east tomorrow on a short (rainy) vacation. Fingers crossed everything continues to go smoothly when i try to use my card.


Happy here too :+1:
Keep seeing accounts blocked all over the place and tales of non existent support but my 15 month experience contains none of those.
As far as I’m concerned it’s all good😄


I’m also a happy user so far. No problem at all. I’m using it mostly for trips abroad and holidays, not as a main bank account.
It is really conveniant, so practical to send money to someone in 1sec (local or abroad) or exchange currencies instantly as well, paying at physical and online shops without fees, etc… and everything for free.
Only thing is I still need to use Transferwise as well to top up CHF because Revolut don’t provide CH IBAN.
But happy anyway and already brought friends and family here :slight_smile:


Next happy customer.
I have an account over a year, I’ve been to a few European countries, I’ve done a lot of wired transfers in a few currencies (in both directions), many Revolut transfers (in both directions), a lot of things which I have bought via many online and physical shops.
I recommend it to all of my friends :sunny:

At this moment it would be nice to have:

  • Google Pay
  • HRK as a wallet
  • local IBANs in each currency in the app

Community without you is not the same. We wish you all the best🤞, and we’re waiting for you!


Generally very happy.

I use it as my main account, and have done so for nearly 2 years. Transfers and top ups are good and fast, reliable overall, apart from the general outages affecting other FinTechs too.

Love the immediacy and the feedback. The instant forex, and the detailed notifications.

If there is a downside, I was a bit unhappy at the new UI. Getting used to it. Also compliance is a bit hit and miss (mainly for onboarding of new customers and increasing top up limits) and I really look forward to generally better customer care (although haven’t had issues myself in getting support).


I’ve only been with Revolut a few months but evething has been fine, i singed up to cover my holidays and spending in Euro’s.
Having read a few negatives about support I did wonder how it would go when i asked to increase my top up limit thinking it would take weeks and weeks but after 2 day’s it was all sorted.
I know people complain a lot but most are happy it would seam, it’s an excellent service and the exchange rates are 2nd to none


I’m not happy for one reason:
I wanted a VISA instead of MasterCard!!! I’m stuck with MC.

Other than that, I’m…actually quite happy. Not happy enough for Revolut to be my main account, but happy.

Seen people have their accounts locked out but personally this never happened to me yet so yeah.

Would I trust Revolut with all my money? Hecccck no. Different story that.


Good luck with your degree! We’re looking for bright talents :slight_smile: Keep in mind.


We’ve expanded our support team, it’s getting better :slight_smile:


Can you contact me via DM :slight_smile:


Another very happy customer here : :r: is my daily bank since 2 months now, no issues at all ( exept 2 failed payments because of Visa then :r: payment processor ), customer support was very reactive, no issue for top-up increase and cards delivery. Transfers are really quick, the only missing point for me is local CHF IBAN :slight_smile:


Happy enough as long as I stay firmly in Revolut’s sweet spot - using it as a prepaid payment card while travelling, to get good FX rates. I find everything else either a bit flakey or risky.


I just wanted to say that Revolut surprised me so much. They (well, @AndreasK) finally supplied me with a VISA card. Now I am 100% satisfied with Revolut through my own personal experience.

I have 4 card slots in my wallet (1 Maestro (Euros only), 1 Barclaycard (VISA Credit), 1 Starling (MC, fee-free), and 1 Curve (MC, fee-free depending)). Going to replace the Starling card with Revolut VISA. :smiley:

P.S. - I’m still going to use Starling, but under Curve obvs.


They use omnibus or pooled accounts to do wire transfers which means that each transfer gets processed by them manually - and there are times they cannot figure out (or do not want to figure out) who the money belongs to.
If anything goes wrong with a transfer, you’re in for a nightmare with months of chasing them and aksing for help, while your money is sitting in some of their omnibus accounts.
As long as they don’t abolish their pooled accounts, don’t do transfers!
Yet as long as they are not a bank, you won’t be getting “real IBANs” anyway.
You get an account number which looks like a real bank account, but it’s not a “real bank account” since if you do a transfer (either in or out) it will always go via their omnibus accounts (and they have several).

If you just want to add 100€ from your credit card to spend in a different currency and save 1% conversion to your high street bank, then yes, that works.

But for transfers, put “lost transfers” or “lost wires” in the search box.
As long as you’re not affected, that’s fine.
But if it hits you like it hit me, then judge again.


99% of the time there are no lost transfer but customers that do not put reference number correctly OR do a transfer to a closed account OR use :r: to fund an account when it’s clearly indicated that :r: is not accepted by counterpart.


Very happy so far. Also the most interesting test is yet to come. Between 21.07. and 09.08. I’ll be traveling abroad in Asia. I would have written a report anyways.

So far, in my daily life (DE) I love :r: already.
I upgraded to Premium after 3 month. Disposable virtual cards are great! Statistics are cool. Transfers to banks are FAST!


I am happy with my freelancing account being opened

I have an ongoing issue with regards to a payment made to my premium account which is with Joseph K

will keep you updated. if all is sorted then i will be a very very happy customer!!!


Another Update

After 28+ hours and Tricia’s assistance My premium account got transferred to a Gentlemen by the name of Gorge from the compliance department.

Within minuites George located the TT verified my acocunt and got my money released to me.

I am an extremely satisfied customer at this point.

My only criticism is that Revolut need to open more channels of communication and maybe a phone line because with this many customers its going to be very difficult to rely on chat alone.

Gorge you just got S*** done! this exactly what i expect with Beyond Banking.

I wish the entire Revolut team an awesome weekend and best of luck in all their endeavours.

Best Regards