Hacking - money stolen


Money was stolen from my revolut account via a cash withdraw in California whereas I am living in Mexico and I have my card with me. First how is it possible? I supposed that my account was hacked. So, what can I do?

  1. my card is blocked but I have to block my revolut account also?
  2. It’s better to order a new card?
  3. how can I proceed to secure my revolut account?
  4. how can I do to get the refund?
    Many Thanks


Hey @Anne1 :slight_smile:

You should immediately block your cars and get in touch with the in-app support team :wink:


Hey @Anne1,

Please reach out via in-app support. You can find it in the more tab, then click on help in the top and live chat.

I’d advise you to enable geolocation security for your cards. This should drastically minimise the risk of someone using one of your cards in a separate location.



Many thanks for your answers!
How I can put the security option in order to geocalize my card?


In the app select…

  • Cards
  • Security
  • Location Based Security - swipe button to right which should then turn blue


Thanks a lot for your answer