H-D Online store


I’ve been using the Revolut card for less than a month.
No problem with ebay or local payment.
But now I made a purchase at H-D online store and the payment still hasn’t been deducted.
First the vendor made the debit of 0 USD and then reverted it (I guess to confirm the card) but then, after the order being made the goods are now on its way to be delivered and still no deduction of the total in my balance.
The question is: will the debit be made after how many days? May i have any problem that the goods may not be delivered due to no payment? Already contacted the Harley online store but still no response.
Has anyone had this problem with this store or a similar experience?
thanks in advance


Hi @MacBern.

I cannot see the payment, which means the transaction wasn’t successful (apart from the card pre-authorisation).

I advise you to double check this with the merchant. You may need to redo the payment.


Andreas K


Thank you Andreas K.
I already sent them an email but still no response.
The strange is that the items were already sent and the detail on the website mentions the card and the payment (even though the amount is only partial…)