Guys, you need to show more respect to your customers


Message for Revolut and @AndreasK

You guys say that you’re “building a 21st century banking alternative”, that you “believe in fairness” and “love a great user experience”.


I’ve been trying to contact you for three days about a serious issue with my account. I haven’t even received an acknowledgement from you, let alone the assistance I need.

You can’t cut your customer service down to in-app chat and social channels if you don’t actually respond to your customers.

And having browsed through the community posts today, I can see that this is by no means an isolated issue.

If you want people to truly consider Revolut as an alternative to traditional banking, you have to show more respect to your users. If your customer service operation is to small to cope, then you need to expand it. People aren’t going to trust their money to you unless they can be sure it’s safe.

Please can you help me immediately. You have my email address and phone number.


Fully agree! I’ve stopped recommending Revolut to anyone since I started having these issues. Shame, because it all started so promising! If they were to work, the services they promise would be sufficient for anyone to open an account with Revolut. Unfortunately this sentence starts with a very big IF.


Also agree I pay for premium and the service has been terrible, over 24 hours for responses and no one seems to know what’s going on , it’s as if they use agents with no training .


Update: My issue is now sorted. Once the Revolut team got on with sorting the issue, resolution was pretty fast. Still - need to improve on the big gaps of silence before then!


Customer service used to be pretty much on point UNTIL Revolut launched the Cryptocurrency feature, which by the way, those “two weeks” of where all customers would all be unlocked has LOOOOOONG passed … (whatever I’m getting cheese fries :fries:)


Hi there.

Thank you for your feedback. Definitely agree, this is not the kind of service we strive to provide.

We’re expanding our support and working to keep wait time at a minimum.

Apologies for the delay.


It’s not an issue of simply speed, even when agents do answer they’re clearly rushed off their feet and don’t seem to have the time to read the issue in detail.

I understand Revolut have hired more agents but if anything, things are much worse than they were a year ago.

I love Revolut, I just hope things get better.