Guaranteed rate for 72 hours


Sometimes a bank transfer to a Revolut account can take up to 72 hours.

Does Revolut offer an exchange rate which is guaranteed for 72 hours?
Can you guarantee the rate that was set when the transfer was initialized? Like you main competitor does offer…

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When you send :100:€ to a :r: account, most likely :100:€ will arrive. When you send :100:$ I guess :100:$ arrive. I do not know how likely the case is that people receive an amount of money in a currency :r: doesn’t offer to hold.

I think whatever the case, the recieving bank cannot guarantee the rate because it’s not on them when they receive. …or am I getting that wrong? What’s the scenario?



when the sending institution guarrantees a rate they take an small risk to give you time to top up, giving stability to your transaction. transferwise does it, revolut doesn’t.



While I agree to the stability argument, it should be also mentioned though that Transferwise does charge whereas Revolut does not. That fee might offset the risk somewhat and is also charged when the funds are instantly converted.



Revolut is freemium, not free. and despite how much you pay monthly (£25 in my case) you don’t even get 5 seconds of stability on the exchange rate or the option of making OUR payments. so it’s pretty useless for paying bills anyway.

Transferwise guaranties you a price delivered which is pretty awesome imo.



That is not entirely correct. Revolut is free to a certain extent and Transferwise always charges for conversions.



that’s the definition of freemium :wink:

freemium ˈfriːmɪəm/
a business model, especially on the Internet, whereby basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for.



Then you cant say it is not free :wink: