Grouping / Sorting Cards

I think it would be pretty helpful if users were able to change the order of their cards or group them together by topics like “e-commerce” or “subscriptions”. Especially for people using a lot of virtual cards online.


I second that. I would also like to change the order of my cards.

More than that, there’s a feature that should have been there since day 1 actually. I am a Metal user. I have 3 different cards:

  • one standard when I joined
  • one Metal when I upgraded my plan
  • one premium that I added for free just in case.

So I have 3 cards, all linked to the same Metal plan, but there’s no way in the app to see what purchase had been done from which card.

I mean. Seriously. If you offer the possibility to have more than one card for one plan, then how come you can not sort all transactions by card? Practically speaking for me that would be huge. I can understand that it is just a detail for others. I hope Revolut will implement that soon.


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There is. Just “label” every card. You will see this label then in your transactions history. (You can’t sort by card, though.)

it’s a good trick @Frank but unfortunately, it’s not retroactive… labelling them now will not properly sort all past transactions. But hopefully it will in the future from now on. Thanks for this hopefully it will be properly implemented in a future app update by our beloved Revolut people.

Hm, that’s strange. I’ve just checked this. I started naming my cards after I got on the premium price plan and transactions about 10 months earlier also show the name. That’s all transactions for this specific card.

Maybe logging out and back in updates this? But I wouldn’t log out just right now for this, there were some hiccups with the iOS app. Users couldn’t log in and it’s not worth risking this just to confirm this.

You can see your card number when you open your transaction.

exactly, that’s the thing. Wether you label your card or not, in all cases, for each transaction, you can see the last numbers of the card that was used. So it’s not about trying to identify the card used for a transaction but rather the other way around. Which transactions have been done with each card. And for this, even labelling does not help. Even if you select the search option on top left and then try to type the name you have created for the card, it is simply not taken into account as a criteria. Which brings us to another question even: what’s the point to label a card then?