Grey/black premium card


I was going to upgrade to premium tonight and it looks like R have taken the grey/black card off the card choice list. Is this temporary or permanent due to the metal card?



You need to ask the in-app support for a definite answer since you very seldomly get any Revolut employee’s down here in the community, but if you search the community for this you’ll find at least one topic stating that they temporarily suspended this type of Premium cards before because they are the most wanted and they just run out of supply.
Maybe it’s the same again, that they lack the card templates again for this one and it will be available again soon-ish.
If you ask the support and find out more, feel free to share it here!



I think too many people ordered the black premium too bundled with the metal one. It’s not the first time when they run out.

I just ordered the silver one. Looks better :joy:

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No more Blackcard available for premium ?