Greek ID national cards have no expiration date on them!

@AndreasK , please if you are Greek, i found you here by accident, i just managed to finally confirm my created account in community after failing from email links for a long time. I know other clients may have been waiting for day to get confirmed but please, if you may track all day my online chat texts ive been sending with no repsonse, or even the email to , i tried to reach as last option. Please, review my docs uploaded as the reason why i need to pay using these money is urgent and connected to my HR company department i work in for approved expenses to Greece to get funded. I am sorry for the inconvinience seriously, i dont know what else to do. You being Greek from the name and surname as sounded, you are my hope to get all done before midnight. I need to email my company tomorrow. Had no idea seriously it could take so long, such frustrating with no response for any attempt of mine to contact given. Please anyup-to-dates. Thank you in advance, hoping this message will reach you, for God’s sake.

@AndreasK thank you for the possibility of finally resolutioning my issue. I got confirmed I go to book important taxi transfer to airport, urgent one and at the end I got the message: my card provider (revolut) declined the payment. ?! why?! so I got confirmed for a useless card, I am sorry for sounding rude but this has been too much. I’m escalated via live chat, too much queue ok I respect that but I am sorry, it is urgent to book and email the receipt among others to company’s HR. advised not to use my payroll card as I used to due to some hacked card accounts and unknown charges of other employee. can you assist? please… My brain is heavier than having rum shots Friday night spent all in front of s screen. empathize me little bit more? plz…

@Marikaki Your account is now fully active! :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience.

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