GREECE-ATM Access Fees

I can confirm that HSBC has no fee. I withdrew last month twice.

Hi guys! I have been looking for free atm in Corfu yesterday and unfortunately I didn’t find it. ALPHA Bank charge me 2.50 Euro.

I tried HSBC yesterday Sept.9, it has 2.5€ fee.

In Chania today we checked five or six banks, only Attica charges €2, all the rest €2.5.

Hi guys I checked HSBC last month and has fees do you know if Chania bank is still without fees?Thanks

It has fee since October

This must be just in Greece since here in Cyprus i did not see any extra charges.

Anybody checked Chania bank In Greece?

I actually don’t see any where in this post restricting me from posting if am not living in Greece, not even bothering to argue with you if a Cypriot citizen is considered Greek or not. Hope you think before posting :wink:

I didnt say you are restricted or not Greek Ijust said it is out of topic.
Also in Hungary I can get euro without any fee from revolut but I dont post that here because it is irrelevant.

Hi guys final question is there any bank with zero ATM fee withdrawal in Greece now or not?

Did you check the free ATM-Thread?

Not found one on my last 2 visits :pensive: