GREECE-ATM Access Fees

Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank applies fees for sure.

No fees from this bank

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Sorry for asking here, is there an update to which bank including HSBC has no fee access in Greece ? Also what is the withdrawal limit per month? In Revolut FAQ it is 5000 pounds or any equivalent. Is it true?

Hi ,

Depending of your subscription, free users are up to 200 € , Premium 400 € and Metal up to 600 €
AFAK HSBC has no access fees but this might change due to the new regulation that will be active in mid July.

more info here

Which new regulation?

Take a look here in Greek

In Crete last week.
Every shopkeeper is asking you to pay by cash, but if you say you don’t have cash, you can pay by card.
Indeed, you can pay everything by card.
It’s a way to limit fees.

Thank you very much.But how about this one in the picture? Is it valid?

Hey guys, I’m starting tomorrow on Corfu in Greece. Does anyone have a good experience with the Revolut Master & Meastrocard? would like to use the two for the trip! I have a DKB Visa Card as back up. at which bank are the cash increases free of charge? greetings

Still remember walking like a moron from ATM to ATM on Lefkada, and finally after I found one that doesn’t take any fee I found out that my bank (Croatian PBZ) took a juicy fee, something like 14 EUR on 500 EUR withdrawal … after that I threatened to them that I will terminate all my relations with them if they don’t reimburse me … which they did. Terminated anyway, pesky thieves!

I’m now on Crete and Bank of Chania works without any fees.

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Here in Corfu is there no ATM without Fees. The cheaptest ATM where 2,95 € :face_vomiting:

On holiday in Athens, as of June 12 2019:

Piraeus Bank charges 2.5€
Alpha Bank charges 2.5€
HSBC is free of charge :heavy_check_mark:

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Pancreta bank in Rethymno - No access fees :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Hi, next week i visit Lesbos.Is there any atm without fee?

Attica Bank still free in August 19
ATM withdraw €50 with MC in Corfu city.
Probalbly last free ATM on this island

August 28, 2019
Update: tried to withdraw through attica bank, it charges 2€, hsbc likewise has a fee of 2,50€

Tried Pancreta in Sitia, Greece today. It charged 2.5 EUR. I haven’t been able to find any ATMs without fees :frowning:

I withdrew from HSBC 15 days ago without a fee. Maybe it’s something new?

All ATM’s, except HSBC in Greece will start to charge access fee for all foreign cards/Revolut included/.