GREECE-ATM Access Fees


Hi Everybody,

I live in UK and I’ve been using Revolut for approximately 4 years when I go to Greece a couple of times per year. It’s always has been free to withdraw €200 per month at the greek ATM’s but this year that has changed. It appears that greek banks have introduced an “Access Fee” for cards outside greece( including Revolut). I’ve tried withdrawing from Eurobank, Peiraius and National Bank and all of them have an Access Fee between 2-3 Euros, unless if you use theirs ridiculous exchange rate. Personally I think that the greek banks are ripping the tourists off which is unacceptable. However I found out that Alpha Bank is the only bank that gives you Euros without any Access Fee, plus it doesn’t even ask you to accept their own exchange rate at all.

I hope that helps some of you that you travel to Greece often or not. :slight_smile:


I’m in Crete at the moment and have found one bank that does not impose this fee: Pan Cretan Co-op, having used and been charged by all the other banks you mentioned. Given the name, I don’t know if Pan Cretan is a national bank or only available on the island.


Hi Andy, thanks for that. I used to live live in Athens and there is no Pan Cretan Co-op bank there, therefore I think they operate just in Crete. It’s good to know though, that they don’t charge a fee, as Crete is a very popular destination for many ( including myself) !!!


Thanks @Harmas for the info. Just used Alpha and it worked a treat. I just wonder how long that will continue.


Just use Alpha Bank locate their ATM here
i have a feeling that will stay without fees…


Came to confirm. Currently in Crete. Their suggested exchange rate - jesus christ. You would lose 15eur when withdrawing 100 eur.

Looking for that alpha bank atm now…


Used Alpha again in Zakynthos, no charge.


definitely avoid Euronet !! is :japanese_goblin:


Thanks for the info, I’m going to Greece this week and it will help me to avoid fees.

EDIT: I’ve just checked the Piraeus Bank price list and it appears they only charge withdraws with prepaid/reloadable cards (2 €) but not debit/credit cards ! What a sneaky way to fight Revolut & friends…


So can someone confirm that the only bank without fees is Alpha bank?


Last week Alpha free, Euronet and Pireaus were charging “access” fee to cards not issued in Greece.


I’ve just returned from Greece.
The Piraeus ATM in Kiotari asked me for 3 € fee while the Alpha ATM in Lindos let me withdraw without any fee.