Great Product, shitty (pardon me!) support


As someone who has used Revolut for half a year I am extremely satisfied with their product, and the way it’s oriented towards a demographic that enjoys the technological integration.


  • Support is super slow, your best bet to find a solution is to come on this forum. Even then it’s not always helpful as certain bugs (like not being able to register and having to do so from a different device) can only be remedied so much. Often getting the solution of reinstalling the app which seems to make things worse in certain users’ cases. (not blaming the ones who say to do so)
  • Support staff is severely understaffed imho, it took me 10 hours for a live agent to get to my case, by which time it was already too late to cancel the transfer from Revolut’s side (I filed the case right after accidentally initiating the transfer without a reference), in this case it was only a verification amount of 2 euro but what if it had been more?
  • The only moderator I ever see active on this forum is @AndreasK (who deserves a huge well done and a vacation) and @Juliopp who while not a moderator contributes more than most users. (This point wasn’t a diss at the other mods didn’t mention them cuz I can’t remember their usernames)


Are you a Premium or a Standard user?


Agreed haha
Good job adding the pardon me haha


I’m a standard user however I wouldn’t classify this as that relevant as while premium support should naturally be faster 10 hours waiting is a huge time, premium or not. Plus I’ve heard a lot of premium users complaining about wait time as well, a month ago support was fast and I wasn’t premium back then either.


I’d love to know how you get support responses that quickly!


That’s my point, 10 hours is absolutely ridiculous and it’s one of the fastest times reported, that’s not good especially for a banking company which relies on things getting done on time


They are going to recruit 100 employees in one day, check their Facebook page, hopefully it’s for customer support!


hopefully they’ll train them too :wink:


OMG, me too, when I read that a live agent would be avaiblable in 10 hours, I had to re read it twice to make sure it was not a mistake !

10 hours waiting time is ridiculous !


Hey all.

Let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately we’re receiving an usual amount of requests which is causing delays in getting back to you.

We’re expanding our support and working to keep wait time at a minimum.

Yes that’s all right, it’s all for customer support!

We discussed this before :slight_smile: I’m looking forward for my retirement :wink:

Once again, apologies.

p.s. If you’re experiencing an issue please feel free to send me a direct message I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Andreas K.


Yes. I wonder whether the 100 are being brought onboard to help with a particular market segment, or generally?


and now we have the shares trading division. I admire @nikolay’s passion and energy but from what I see here and what I’ve experienced as :r: personal and business customer this growth is absolutely unsustainable.


I said that multiple times, got of course moderated into oblivion.


Seems incorrect since most of your posts and reply are negatives and are still available in the forum…


Oh? Only positive things are allowed? How are you going to make progress living in a meadow with rays of sunshine?

PC culture is poisoning everything it seems.


I’m not precisely compliant or even politically correct either but I’ve never got a reply censored.


You missunderstood my comment, that’s the opposite : it’s a good thing that you can post negative comments, my comment was here to point our the fact the yours are not removed.


Hi I am having a large volume of transactions in the USA reverted for no apparent reason. Can you help?


¿ bot ? - scnr ;o))