Graph to visualize investments dispersion


In investing, it is important to spread the risk and not to buy just one kind of an share. I’d therefore appreciate having some sort of an built in visualization (for example a pie chart) of how big partition of my total investments a single investment is/single company shares are. Of course I could manually collect the values of how many euros worth of a stock I have and generate the visualizer from that, but I think such visualizer could help others as well in preventing the purchase of too many units of a stock which could increase the risk of bigger losses if the value of that single type of share went down.

I hope you got what I’m wishing for, please ask if I was unclear at some part. I hope you could this kind of an feature


Hello @Jimzamjimmyy:wave: Welcome to our community.

Thank you for letting us know about this idea and we appreciate your contribution to the community :smiling_face:

Veda | Community Team