got support


Support is slow. social media is fast.


I guess that you have a charging cable. Find a cafe and get some juice on your phone while you wait.


You can try and PM them on Twitter or Facebook, sometimes that is quicker. But the problem is, as you mentioned, you have been using the card with big amounts in thailand and for that reason they locked your account to investigate. It is too bad that you lost your other card, and it makes this situation much more frustrating but you can’t blame Revolut for that.

Also are your account locked, or just the card? Maybe you can just unfreeze the card in the “cards” section.


Nah i used more than 4000GBP more than 2 weeks ago. with no blocks. Only transactions made today is revolut premium fee which occured in the block.


Are you living in Thailand? In Chiang Mai ? or do you have an residential address in the EU ?


Have adress both places.
not CM anymore. Did live there before though


Well either you are a resident of the EU which you need to be according to the terms of Revolut, or you are a resident of Thailand, which according to the danish register CVR you are. You cannot be both.


The the danish CVR is slow updating.
I am resident of Denmark because it makes everything more easy both with revolut, transferwise and nemid.


I guess that Revolut figured out you are living in Thailand and not Denmark and blocked your account because of it.


I travel between denmark and thailand like many times a year. Which is why i have 2 revolut cards. one in denmark and one in thailand.
And they have my thai adress aswell where they posted one of my cards?

And they was told this before.

more than 60% of my money was used in Denmark aswell.


Makes no difference at all

Not necessarily.

Being rude usually does not speed thing up, but the opposite.

In fact, :r: blocks even people who are not customers yet, so the block rate is 115%. This is a major achievement in the financial market.

They are fast and understanding, so this is probably the way to go.


Legally you can’t be a resident of two countries but you can be a citizen of one and living in another. Sounds like you are trying to game the system and that is why your account have been blocked. In any case you have to wait for chat or call them on the phone.

Also stop the drama there is no reason to be so dramatic, you live in Thailand and so you can go home or to where ever you are staying. Also any sensible person would have cash on them in emergencies.


Yeah okay. Trying the social medias. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Dont live here. But i do travel here a lot.


Hi @Oliverk1368.

We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.