Got Revolut Premium, Unlocked Crypto Trading feature and Canceled


Revolut forces Premium subscription if you are want to trade crypto currencies with the app.

Luckily they have addressed all negative user feedback and I was able to cancel my Premium withing 14 days trial and still keep my crypto balances/trading feature.

Pretty cool, especially if you want to get in time to snatch some bitcoins at the current low rates.
So far the public launch “in 2 weeks” seems as close as the 2019 Christmas. :slight_smile:


im pretty sure noone is forcing you to do anything. dont like the terms? dont use the service.


They forced me, just like they forced me to accept 40 euros for Christmas. :smiley:

What I’m saying if you want to trade crypto, get Premium, buy crypto, cancel premium withing 14days trial. Profit. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip. Anyone have any news about when they’ll unlock the crypto feature to all the users? For me it is not a “must have” but a “nice to have”, so can’t be bothered to jump through any hoops, including the trick described here.