Got 3 reminders im in negative balance but still no response from support in cancelling this !

I’ve been requesting for 3 days now to have my premium membership cancelled which is 3 days into the 14 day trial. Despite having no replies, their automated system has alerted me via sms, email and notifications that I am in negative balance and to refer to their T’s&C’s. Come on Support, please respond to my cancellation request !

Use in app chat and make sure you type : Live agent :slight_smile:

I have repeatedly but because the original agent escalated my request its now changed to the 96 hour response time. We’ve reached 72 hours and I doubt itll get responded to within the next day :frowning:

Try type: resolved and then type: Live agent again.
It may reset your chat … :slight_smile:

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@AndreasK The same has happened to me.
I went into negative balance a couple of days after closing my account.
The email tells me to top up within 7 days but I can’t anymore. I tried to open the account again just to top but It’s not letting me.
There’s 4 days left, what do I do?