Google Pay


Hey there,

when will I be able to use my Revolut Card with Google Pay? Thanks :slight_smile:




Soon… at least in Germany


I know that apple pay wants 0.1% of every transaction and charges the banks for that.
Is it the same for google pay or is it free to banks and merchandises?

I’m trying to understand why google pay spreads so quickly!


2015, though.


I can already – with restrictions however. :grin:
I could shop online but it says my bank doesn’t support the use in stores. :man_shrugging:t3:


AFAIK- up to 0,3%…


As Frank mentioned, Google does not charge anything. Shame on Apple!


Well, the articles are from 2015, about a different market (US) and since then the product changed a lot, including a renaming. So I haven’t said that Google doesn’t charge anything, I just linked a piece of information that might point in a certain direction :wink: — but it’s a fair assumption that Google does want to undercut Apple’s prices.


Yes, I know. I was referring to Apple- their fee is 0,3% AFAIK.


Nah. “normal” apple fee is 0,15%


Does someone know, how Revolut will handle the “offline payment”?

Because, till now, Revolut doesnt offer offline payment. I do need a Internet Connection. This is the reason, why i can not use Revolut on airplanes (Duty free) or in many Restaurants of the “Deutsche Bahn”.

So, Google Pay offers offline payment, (up to ten times) if the Mobile Phones doenst have a connection to the mobile network.


It is not you who needs a connection to the Internet but the merchant.


No, with the new Token System, the Merchant doesn’t know anything about you, anymore.
No Card Number, no Name, nothing. He also can not track you anymore (what you bought the last time, what date, what time … ) That is the point.

Google Pay needs a Internet Connection (Mobile). In case of “no connection”, Google Pay saves 10 Tokens on the mobile, for offline payment.

I tried this today, with Google Pay and a Commerzbank CC in a Gas Station.
Just pulled off the RJ45 cable of the Merchant POS plus flight mode of the mobile. (Owner is a friend of mine), and the payment went through because Commerzbank supports offline payment (my card) till 1.000 EUR. Depends on the contract.

N26 <- supports offline payment till 50 EUR. Tried this, with the N26 card, failed. (Amount was 117 EUR)


You mean that I every transaction the last 4 digits of your google pay are changing?

Because, I use my Apple Pay on my android device using a famous app, which reads nfc payment cards and it’s always the same. Only the Apple Pay cash charge the numbers in every transaction.


Everytime when I use Apple Pay with my Boon I can see a different card number on printed receipt.


On your wallet and Apple Pay settings what’s your device account number specific to your boon card? I mean it’s there and it’s always the same, at least for me.


I was referring to Revolut.


There you have it. Doesn’t this answer your question? So it seems the terminal does get the details like supported verification methods (online only) and offline limit with Google Pay as well? I would expect all Google Pay payments to fail when the terminal is offline.

(I would be surprised if not.)