Google Pay in romania

Hello Community.

I am from Romania. I saw some news 2 month ago that in two weeks, Revolut cads will work with Google Pay. So I’ve mane an account, ordered a virtual and physical card. I added both in my google wallet, but neither of them work to pay with them using google pay app. I get the message that my card is not supported yet.
Another thing is that in my country, Google Pay apk is not available in google play store, so I downloaded from some website.

Is something that I make wrong?
Does Google pay work with revolut card? Does it matter if it is MasterCard or Visa?


Google Pay is sadly still in beta (they say they will launch it soon…). Some MC Cards they send out will work some don’t and it’s very random.

But for now , if you get one which works it will be a MasterCard

Hello Revolut Team, Is there any news? are beta still open? how can we get access to Google pay? i I have a Visa card and I cannot add it in google pay.

Thank You