Google Pay Contactless

I’m using Google Pay and successfully added the default (purple) :r: card as my default contactless payment method. However, I recently upgraded to a premium account and I am unable to setup the silver :r: card as my new contactless card in Google Pay. It repeatedly states that “this card cannot be set up for in store use”. I’ve set all the security features in the :r: app same as the other card, plus I’m using the physical card in stores successfully. What am I doing wrong?

GPay is still in Beta. They will add more and more BIN’s over time but for now all you can do is to wait.

Probably your purple card is already allowed for beta testing while your silver card isn’t.

Is it really still in beta? Revolut is officially supported, at least the standard mastercard. Seems the premium cards will have to wait a while yet.

Google pay contactless seems more work than using the physical card as of yet, the phone seems to have to be unlocked even for very small purcases, or am i doing something wrong?


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I guess you’re using your purple old MC

And I guess you’re from a country where Google Pay is not officially supported so revolut sent you the new card with the country BIN so it won’t work :smiley:

Any sign of Beta testing moving to full support for Google Play? Disappointed to revolt and find out I couldn’t use all the features