Google Pay ATM withdrawals

Does anyone have experience with using Revolut through Google Pay for cash withdrawals? I tried at various occasions in Czech Republic and I have not found a single ATM where it would work.

Today I tried Česká Spořitelna and Airbank. In both cases only my Visa card (virtual, since my physical is not working with GPay) was recognized as valid card, but withdrawals did not work anyways.

“We’re sorry, we could not process your request”

Česká Spořitelna ATM with virtual Visa

Airbank ATM with virtual Visa

“Your card or sticker doesn’t work with our ATM”

Does any ATM (in world) with contactless functionality should support google pay? I’m asking becouse in LV there is only 1 bank which offers contactless ATM’s at the moment.

I believe that I read that it works in Poland and I can say that here in Czech Republic contactless ATMs are quite common already, so it would be the perfect addition to be able to withdraw money with Google Pay.

I am able to withdraw money from Euronet ATM’s using GPay. (No matter if I am using Visa or MC)- tested in PL

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Oh, mine both :r: visa and MC are rejected if I try to withdraw in Euronet by G-Pay :frowning:
Maybe I should re-add card to my wallet…

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is any any reason given in the app?

Nothing shows up in Revolut and nothing in Google Pay. I just get the blue check mark (the one that I also get after paying with Google Pay) after placing my phone to the NFC reader, but that’s it.