Google assistant


It would be great if it will be able to ask for account balance using google home / google assistant. I ask my google home for available founds, last payments. I would like to make transfers to revolut users or bank transfers. I would like to request topping up the account…


hmmm, don’t you think that this would be dangerous?


why? we can use google home with monzo bank and ING Bank so why not revolut?


Google home know who is talking…


Yea, I know, at least in theory. I use Google Assistant and I know that this isn’t always reasonable app.
But in case of ability of managing as you pointed on screenshot- why not :wink:


there are more banks that support google assistant. I use IFTTT with google home. I can add ING bank and UK monzo bank


So maybe my concerns arise from lack of experience… :slight_smile:


Perhaps. It’s not a bad thing to be afraid. In total, it is such a new product on the market