Gone Premium - where is my card?


Hi All,

I’m off on holiday (vacation) on Sunday. I signed up for a premium account and ordered a physical card on Sunday 23rd July and still haven’t recieved my card (3 working days).

My partner ordered hers on the 24th July and recieved hers the next day.

The premium info states the card delivery is trackable but I’ve not recieved any tracking information either.

Is there a way to track the card?

I leave on Sunday and will be in New York for 2 nights, then Puerto Rico for 3 nights and then on a cruise around the Caribbean. If my card doesn’t arrive can I get a replacement shipped to a hotel?




Contact support. They should have the tracking number after it’s been generated.

Yes but depends how long you will be in the hotel for.

Perhaps what you can do is ask Revolut to send the card to your hotel in Puerto Rico in advance, so that you can pick it up when it arrives.