Going to Zante, Greece for two weeks, what are my spending limits and charges, if any?

Hi, I’m new to Revolut and have only used it in a local shop in the UK to activate contactless. I have been reading that when you are abroad, there is a £200 withdrawal limit after which you begin to be charged, does this apply to spending to? I’m hoping that Revolut will be my main spending tool as I’m not taking much cash, but if I can only spend £200 worth then that is obviously not enough for two weeks. Appreciate any help with what else I need to know taking this card to Greece as a main spending tool, thank you

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Hi D
£200 only applies to cash withdrawals. Use your card as much as possible. Remember to pay in local currency never let the merchants set the exchange rate. Hope this helps.

It is a 2% charge after the first £200 so not the end of the world if you need to withdraw more.
Spend a day at Tsilivi beach while your there. Great place.

Have standby card/cash available in case of issues :+1:

As a Greek national who’s using Revolut on a daily basis, I can say that my Visa card is fully functional in all POS; it’s just a little bit slower to process (our national cards take 2 seconds to get processed, Revolut may take 3-4 seconds, probably because the issuer bank is in another country). I’d advise you to:

• have a small amount of cash on you, just in case something happens and the power’s out
• convert money into euro beforehand

Have a nice trip and feel free to ask us anything else. :slight_smile:

How do I do that? Just have some euros in my account or is there any further action required?

You need to watch out at the shops and ATMs! They might offer a conversion to GBP (the card is a UK issued card).

All worked fine in Corfu no problems cash withdraws and payment!! But Thomas Cook Airlines in flight purchases won’t accept Revolut card payments…for some reason…happy holidays

It’s a prepaid debit card. No offline functionality. Terminals in flight and on trains are most of the time offline terminals.

Once you’ve topped up your account with your native currency, convert to as many euros as you think you’ll need and have them in your euro account (so that POS will take directly from that). Then, withdraw some euros from an ATM just to have on you (Revolut wouldn’t charge fees for up to 200€).


Hi. How did you get on using the card? I go Greece in 2 weeks and will be using it for the first time!

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The card worked fine everywhere, but no bars on the strip accepted it, also during vehicle hires you probably will need cash too

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I’m afraid this was caused by the fact that Revolut cards are usually prepaid, so offline POS won’t accept them. :confused: Another thing that will be solved when they get their Banking License I guess!