Going to Spain, already converted to Euro

Just wondering can you withdraw the Euros from British atms? Or should I just wait til I land and withdraw at the airport? Are Alicante airport atms fee free?

on an ATM that supports EUR, if you withdraw EUR they’ll be taken from your EUR balance.

beware there is a limit on how mich can you withdraw for free as cash.

In spain there are 3 networks of ATMs following different rules about who to charge a service fee and who not to. But they will warn you, and they will offer you to debit GBP. Stick to EUR.

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Poland (as a GB too) isn’t in Euro zone. So withdrawing EUR in such countries smells like fee… (In Poland for sure, in GB- I predict-too)

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at the airports there are dual currency ATMs. I haven’t tried my revolut card there but with my old ING card from spain I don’t get fees when withdrawing EUR. And thanks to Revolut I can send cheap EURs to my Spanish account for free and avoid withdrawing using Revolut’s card :stuck_out_tongue: zero-lose cycle.

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Right so if I want to withdraw Euros from U.K. before flying how do I do that for free?

See the post right before your’s :wink: . He mentions a couple of options.

So would it be advised that I don’t withdraw anything until I’m at Spain? So first we have to get the car hire which is all booked, presumably that’s at the airport, but I think we have to pay some deposits for it all. So I can just use this Revolut card and say “decline any conversion questions, process it all in Euro” yeah ? How do I avoid any sneaky charge that they conveniently don’t wanna divulge? What words should exit my mouth?

In the post before your‘s, options to withdraw EUR in the U.K. without fees are mentioned. If that is what younwsnt to do.

In Spain, always make sure they are going to charge you in EUR. Only then you can profit from Revolt‘s rates. This applies to shops, ATMs and everything.

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