Going round in circles trying to reset Passcode!!

I’ve forgotten my Passcode. I’ve tried the automatic reset on the App, entering the phone number works, but can’t proceed with the digits of the Card as I don’t have one. I message support through the app,then when I get a notification of a response, it takes me back to the Revolut Passcode page to see the app, which I can’t acces. So I can’t read or even begin to have a conversation. Very Frustrating!!

The app might ask you for digits of a different card that you used to top up your Revolut account. Not for the digits of a Revolt card you don’t have. Could that be?

I’ve not topped up my account but tried the last four digits of my linked bank account and its worked! Thanks Frank


Ah, cool, didn’t know it also works with account no. Thanks for reporting this here!

It was the last four digits of my bank card, not the account number. Apologies for confusion